Professionalism Advocacy Reporting System

Professionalism is an attribute and competency demanded of all physicians, and forms a vital component of the medical education programs at the Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The Professionalism Advocacy Program of the HWCOM is designed to enhance the professional attitudes and behaviors of members of the learning community. It codifies professionalism standards and describes processes to report, document, evaluate and address incidents of concern. It also provides opportunities to recognize professional excellence.

The Professionalism Advocacy Reporting System is an information gathering database provided to continuously improve the professionalism of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine's academic community and future physicians. The system provides for submission of two types of forms:

  • Professionalism Incident Report (PIR) when it is felt that a member of the community has demonstrated unprofessional or inappropriate behavior.
  • Professionalism Commendation Form (PCF) when it is felt that a member of the community has demonstrated exemplary professional behavior.

All reports are taken very seriously and will be followed up by the Medical Education Administration. Reporting is not necessarily anonymous. Depending on the nature of the incident in question, the recipient may be informed who submitted the report. All appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that those who submit incident reports are protected from any form of retribution. All fields on this form are required for statistical and informational purposes.